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Stump Grinding

an old dried tree stump

You have a gorgeous lawn and landscaped property, if only you could get rid of the tree stumps that dot your property. They are an eyesore that is easily removed with the right equipment and skill by calling Arlington Tx Tree Service. We are the leading tree removal contractor in the region that can eliminate even the largest tree stumps from your property with efficiency and haste. You may be confused about what to do after cutting down a tree on your property. You’re not sure if you should leave the stump or completely remove it. We can provide you with professional advice and options.


Creating Better Aesthetics

Some people prefer a natural-looking and less manicured landscaping, while others are seeking a property this is immaculate and pristine. If you are in the latter group, stump grinding could be a great strategy to create better-looking aesthetics in your landscaping. You may also find that it significantly increases your curb appeal. Our stump grinding in Arlington, TX is an efficient and cost-effective practice that countless clients rely on to improve the appearance of their landscaping. Rather than allowing tree stumps to dot your area, you can increase the space you have for planning your landscaping vision.


Increase Safety

In addition to increasing space on your property, you would also increase safety. Consider if you have small children running around your property or even seniors who visit, a tree stump is a dangerous tripping hazard. You could very well find yourself in emergency rooms after a trip and fall over a tree stump. If you own a commercial property, you could very well be facing a liability issue if passersby accidentally fall and even your equipment could be damaged if a lawnmower comes too close to an unseen tree stump. These are any number of accidents we have seen over the years in our profession that are easily avoided with tree stump grinding.


Prevent Pests

You may decide to keep those tree stumps in your yard after cutting down trees, but you also may be inviting pests. Leaving a tree stump in the ground is a potential recipe for new growth of trees as the roots are still likely thriving. You will quickly see shoots from new trees and plants growing in this area. Left tree stump also will be a food source for beetles, ants, termites, and other insects. Pests like termites can also expand and wreak havoc on the structural integrity of buildings nearby, most notably your home’s foundation. Our professional tree service can help you solve these issues.


Fast and Efficient Procedure

We use state-of-the-art tree grinding equipment that allows us to provide you with quick and efficient services. As the leading tree trimming and tree removal service in Arlington, TX, you will not find a better contractor to help you prevent pests as well as unwanted growth from a cut tree. Stump grinding is a surefire way to create space as well as improve the aesthetics of your landscaping, whether you are a homeowner or commercial property owner.

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