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Hedge and Shrub Trimming

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You have a beautiful border of hedges, but they are overgrown and in need of proper trim. Arlington Tx Tree Service is the perfect service provider to tend to your shrubs and landscaped fencing. you have an amazing visual boundary around your home that you want to maintain without doing it yourself. When you conduct an online search of “tree service near me,” we are the premier trimming contractor that cares for a wide variety of species to ensure that they are healthy and have the shape and aesthetic you are seeking.


Prompt Growth

Dead and dying hedges and shrubs are probably not in your grand vision for beautiful landscaping. But without trimming, that is exactly what can happen when shrubbery is not well maintained. This type of service stimulates the growth of your hedges and shrubs and encourages them to grow stronger. Trimming also keeps your hedges from overgrowth. This is particularly needed if you are using them for privacy or fencing along the borders of your property to prevent them from encroaching on your next-door neighbor’s property. When you call upon our trimming service we ensure that it is the appropriate times of year to encourage growth and protect the root system of your hedges and shrubbery.


Increase Curb Appeal

There is a lot of home improvement tasks you can conduct to improve the curb appeal of your property. Some are more expensive than others. But a simple shrub and hedge trim is an effective and cost-efficient strategy that can create a better-looking home outdoors. Trimmed hedges can transform your exterior into a neat-looking property that may otherwise look untended. If you want to attract buyers, you should be aware that a poorly maintained landscape can detract from the overall aesthetic of your home. Potential buyers make look elsewhere. We can quickly address shabby and neglected to look shrubs and hedges for improved curb appeal.


Improve Privacy

Passersby peeking into your windows and nosy next-door neighbors can be a hassle of the past when you tend to your hedges and shrubs. If you’re seeking to improve privacy on your property we can promote better growth of your shrubbery and provide trimming. The foliage around your windows is a great strategy to protect your privacy. You don’t need to invest in special expensive window treatments or keep lighting dimmed indoors when you have a professional tree service that can improve your privacy. We possess decades of experience trimming hedges so that they look thicker and screen your property.


Weather Protection

Hedges and shrubs are more than just decorative greenery that expresses your style. They are an effective measure against issues such as wind and heavy storms. No doubt you have seen countless news reports of weather damage from hurricanes and heavy rain. Your hedges and shrubs offer significant protection for your property when well-maintained with trimming. Our tree trimming in Arlington, TX is highly regarded for our knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment. We can provide you with a free estimate of service to determine how your shrubs and hedges should be cut to provide you with maximum protection from weather damage.

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